I. source source 1 [sɔːs ǁ sɔːrs] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] a thing, place, activity etc that you get something from:

• They get their money from various sources.

source of

• Tourism in the area is a slowly-growing source of revenue, helped by the development of air transport networks.

2. [countable] the cause of something, especially a problem, or the place where it starts:
source of

• The cuts are a source of concern to all of us.

• The source of the problem is the inferior quality of our labour supply.

3. [countable] a person, book, document etc that supplies you with information:

Industry sources say that Chrysler is planning to increase production.

• At the end of your dissertation, please list your sources, including websites.

4. at source TAX if tax is taken off your income at source, it is taken before you get any income:

• Tax deducted at source from certain investment income is reclaimable by non-taxpayers.

  [m0] II. source source 2 verb [transitive]
if a company sources materials, parts etc from a particular place, it obtains them from there:

• Components will be sourced from Polish producers.

— see also outsource
— sourcing noun [uncountable] :

• Local sourcing would be cheaper than importing parts.

* * *

source UK US /sɔːs/ noun [C]
the place or thing that something comes from or starts at, or the cause of something: source of sth »

Customer complaints are a very important source of information.

source of income/revenue »

For many poor families, pensions are now the main source of income.


The project still may work if money can be found from other sources to supplement tolls.


The source of the problem is unrealistic expectations about what training can accomplish.

[often plural] someone or something that supplies information: »

Industry sources said discussions were taking place.


A source close to the firm said a total of eight employees would be let go.

at source — Cf. at source
source UK US /sɔːs/ verb [T, often passive] PRODUCTION
to get something, especially products or materials, from a particular place: source sth from sth »

The supermarket decided it wanted to source all its milk from one company.


More and more of its merchandise will have to be sourced overseas.


Financial information can now be sourced from an endless stream of online services.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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